Live Streaming November 1st - November 4th 2018

Featuring astounding accounts of what exists beyond our world, the Afterlife Awareness Conference brings it's community to the forefront of life after death. With various experts in the fields of death, dying, grief, spirituality, afterlife communication and more, we are here to bring you into the journey. Path 11 Productions will be providing a live stream of the Afterlife Awareness Conference. The Path 11 Livestream features a unique, three-camera viewing experience so you can feel like you're in the room without having to endure the stress of traveling.

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Signing up will give you unlimited access to the following live streamed and recorded events:


7:15pm - Welcome and opening remarks - (Live)      

7:30-8:30 - Speakers Q&A Panel - (Live)


9am-10:15am - William Buhlman: Introduction to Out-of-Body Exploration (Live) 

9am-10:15am - Austyn Wells: The Day of the Dead: History and Rituals (Recording)

10:30am-11:45am - Suzane Giesemann: Bereavement and Mediumship (Live)

10:30am-11:45am - Austyn Wells and Pep Torres: Meeting your Spirit Animal (Recording)

2:00pm-3:15pm - Panel Discussion: Conscious Dying in Clinical Settings (Live)

2:00pm- 3:15pm - Diane Dobry - Death Goes to the Movies (Recording)

2:00pm-3:15pm - Dr. Janet Piedilato - Introduction to the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Recording)

3:30pm-4:45pm - Linda Fitch: Introduction to the Shamanic Dream World (Live)

3:30pm-4:45pm - Melinda Bracha Bernstein: Kaballah and the Afterlife (Recording)

3:30pm-4:45pm - Roberta Moore: What Clinicians Need to Know about NDEs (Recording)

4:40pm-6pm - Cocktail Party and Book Signing

7:30pm - Andrew Harvey keynote: Death Awareness as Sacred Activism (Live)


9am-10:15am - Panel Discussion: Heaven: A History (Live)

9am-10:15am - Ann Clark - Research on life between lives regression (Recording)

10:30am-11:45am - Brant Huddleston: My Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom (Live)

10:30am-11:45am - Robert Kopecky - How to Get to Heaven Without Really Dying (Recording)

10:30am-11:45am - Temple Hayes: An Awakened Spirituality; From Boxes to Bridges (Recording)

2:00pm-3:15pm - Monica Williams, MD -It's OK to Die (Live)

2:00pm-3:15pm - Diane Ross - Guided Group Regression (Recording)

2:00pm-3:15pm - Gretchen Bickert - Working through Grief with Sacred Sound (Recording)

3:30pm-4:45pm - Suzane Northrop- How the Dead Communicate With Us (Live)

3:30pm-4:45pm - Terri Daniel: Bereavement and Bad Theology: A Toxic Cocktail (Recording)

7:30pm - Christopher Kerr, MD - Dreams and Deathbed Visions of the Dying (Live)


9:30am-11 am - Thomas John - Gallery-Style Audience Readings (Live)

11:30am - Closing Ceremony (Live)


Plus, 1 on 1 interviews with the presenters (Not currently Scheduled)

Over 25 hours of content for only $129!


All times Eastern Standard Time (EST). Exact times may vary and schedule may change without notice. 

Live streams can be watched instantly and will also become available as a replay video, immediately following the session, while recordings will be available soon after. Sorry no refunds after live event has started.