Episode 3: Earth's Last Straw with Jill Fecteau

Jill is advocating to remove plastic straws to save the planet.

Jill Fecteau was born and raised in Albany, NY. Jill's love for nature started a very young age which has influenced her adult life greatly. She received a Bachelors Degree in International Studies from Arcadia University in 2015. She has traveled to over 20 countries where she has seen the plastic pollution epidemic first hand. Jill is dedicated to inspire other passionate people to follow their dreams and turn their passions into action. 

Earth's Last Straw was created in February 2018 when the founder of the campaign, Jill Fecteau, was sitting a bar in Boston venting about single-use plastics and their detrimental impacts on the environment. Not only about the environmental impacts, but how we, as humans, have begun to not even think about the fact that we take these single-use products and use them on average for an hour or so. They are then discarded and take hundreds, yes hundreds, of years to break down.  

Her friend at the bar challenged her and told her to "channel this energy and passion" into something that would create positive change and bring awareness to the issues. On the 3 hour drive home from Boston, Jill created the framework for Earth's Last Straw. Originally, Jill wanted to tackle the most commonly used single-use plastics in her community but soon realized that the most effective way to make change was to choose a "lens" and settled on single-use plastic straws!

Jill chose single- use plastic straws as her lens because she noticed that they were a consistent problem in all communities, especially coastal communities.To most people, straws are a luxury item that they don't truly need that has because so commonplace people no longer notice they appear in every beverage, without even asking for one. The more that Jill thought about straws, the more she saw them strewn around places they shouldn't be. Plastic straws are small enough that people do not need to drastically change their daily lives except by choosing not to use a straw or to use an alternative.