Episode 4: Peaceful Cities Project with Bethany Gonyea

Bethany Gonyea, discusses how meditation can help lower crime.

BETHANY GONYEA, is the Founder Director of NUMINOUS, the non-profit sponsoring of the Global Peaceful Cities Project. This project helps cities organize around the latest findings of peace meditation research to create less violent and more harmonious communities. 
The Global Peaceful Cities Project is an outgrowth of Bethany’s 25 years of work as a Biofeedback Specialist. 

Through hundreds or private and public biofeedback sessions, she has invited people to invoke the power of focused healing intentionto enhance their own health and well being.

She has also partnered with five school districts to pioneer mindfulness programs in over 30 schools. 
NUMINOUS, her non-profit organization is an inter-faith spiritual organization that specializes in teaching members reliable methods that heighten consciousness to strengthen and inspire dynamic lives of service. 
Her highest hope for all her work is that as people create a peaceful space within themselves and while participating in her research, they will be inspired by the still small voice within to follow their own genius and change the world for the better in their own unique ways.