Episode 6: Shamanism, Soul Re-alignment & Photography with Katrina Clay

Katrina talks about soul realignment, shamanic journeys, group workshops, and Full Moon journeys, as well as photography.

Katrina Clay founded the Upstate New York’s wellness publication “The Healing Springs Journal” in 2002. She is also a public speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and director of SIPN (Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network). She deeply believes that humans will thrive when they reclaim their nature—inner and outer. Katrina assimilates the wisdom of animals, the power of music and the intelligence of nature, to guide people to their innate wholeness by reclaiming their ancient soul and integrating it with the modern world. Most days Katrina can be found walking with her dog Z in the woods, hanging out with her off-the-track TB—Tom, writing to reflect on her inner world, photographing the world in all its glory or dancing to live music.