Episode 7: Comedy & Mediumship with Brandon Russ

Brandon Russ discusses being a medium who uses comedy to connect with others. 

Brandon Russ is the founder of Spirit Tree Connections. His vision has been vital to both the formation of the creative healing energy center and the vibe and delivery of all things Spirit Tree. Integrity, kindness and empowerment are key ingredients in everything that happens there, and Brandon integrates all these values into education delivery and management. He works closely with each facet of web and marketing, product delivery, brand development, product development and vibe of the vision.
As a Medium, he has conducted countless individual readings and performed in his healing message circle, Funny You Should Say That! His work doesn’t end there, he uses his gifts in pro bono work with law enforcement and medical professionals to help in closure and healing. He has been lecturer at several colleges, bereavement groups and police academies about how our Intuition works and instructs participants to make intuition part of their decision making and healing. He caries that torch at Spirit Tree Connections with flagship courses like Intuitive Development, Intuitive Living and countless workshops that meet the person where their ability is at.