Episode 14: Blessing Bags for the Homeless with Rebecca O'Shea

Rebecca began teaching in the Troy City School District after having a wonderful student teaching experience there. She taught children living in low income and public housing, who affected and touched her life greatly. As their teacher, she was able to provide many of them with love and safety often missing at home. Although she did not teach for very long, then decided to stay home and grow her own family, these kids and their family stories have stayed with her for the past ten years. Because of this, she has a very special place in her heart for those living in poverty and other difficult circumstances. By making Blessing Bags with her own children and handing them out to those on the street, as well as donating to other organizations, Rebecca is hoping to instill in them the values of compassion and concern for those less fortunate. She is trying to lead by example, and hope that as they grow up they'll feel compelled to do for others as well. In the future, Rebecca is hoping to be able to spend more time volunteering and getting more involved in helping the many displaced and homeless in our community.