Live Stream FAQ
Q: I bought a livestream ticket, do I have to watch it live?
A: NOPE! You will have access to the recordings forever. Watch at your leisure and your pace.

Q: Will I have access to the videos after this weekend?
A: YES. You will have access to watch, and rewatch, and watch again all of the videos forever. Don't get caught up on the word "livestream", it is more of a membership to a virtual conference.

Q: I see some presenters have the word LIVE or RECORDED after their name on the agenda. What does this mean?
A: Any presenter who has the word LIVE after their name on the conference agenda, means their workshop will be videotaped in live time.  While that presenter is being streamed live, we have cameras set up in two other rooms, recording workshops that are going on simultaneously and will be uploaded to the livestream shortly after their talk concludes.

Q: How will I know if the session I am watching is live?
A: The video that is live will be located towards the top and the video player will say LIVE.

Q: When will the recorded sessions be posted?
A: Most cases the recorded sessions will be posted the same day or shortly after the session has ended.

Q: What time zone is the Afterlife Awareness Conference in?
A: Please note! Since the the 2019 Afterlife Conference will be held in Salt Lake City Utah, times will be Mountain Standard Time GMT -7.

Q: What if I have trouble accessing the livestream?
A: Email our team at

Q: How do I use the chat room feature?
A: The chat room is located under the video player.  The chat window is for customers who are watching it in real time.  If you are trying to find or use the chat feature after the workshop has ended, the chat window will no longer be visible or accessible. 

Q: Will I be able to use the chat window to ask the presenters questions?
A: Our team will be monitoring the chat window and will do our best to share any questions our livestream audience has with the presenter, however, due to time restrictions, your question may not be able to be asked.  In person participants have first priority to ask questions.

Q: How come some of the workshops are not being recorded?
A: Some workshops that are being held are ceremonial in nature and the presenters have requested no electrical equipment to be present to maintain the sacred space.

Q: Why is my livestream video is choppy or low quality?
A: While we are trying to make the best possible live experience possible and transmit in HD video, there are many technical factors that go into broadcasting video over the internet. It could be an issue on our side, or an issue on your side, or something in between. If an issue does arise, a high quality recording will be made available shortly after the live session is broadcast. 

Q: Wait, I have a few more questions!
A: No problem, email us your questions and we will respond shortly.