A Healer Meets a Filmmaker

The death of a loved one can have such a profound effect on ones perception of

life on earth as we know it. Death can make you question the reason for your

existence; why you are here? What is your purpose and why on earth do we live

only to die? The founding of Path 11 is rooted in two everyday people

coming together with their expertise to answer those questions.

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April Hannah - The Healer

Through many life traumas and tough early childhood life experiences, April was lead down the path of healing at a young age and into adulthood.  In her early 20’s, it became a personal mission of hers to not only heal herself but to help others who have experienced Post-traumatic Stress, trauma and anxiety.  

During her search for answers, she personally tried and experienced many different healing modalities that brought her great relief.  As a result, she now blends what she has learned into the classes she teaches in her wellness studio in Saratoga, NY and blends Eastern and Western Medicine techniques into her individual sessions with clients.

Michael Habernig - Filmmaker

After experiencing a large number of deaths in a very short period of time of friends, family members, and pets in a year and a half, Michael Habernig suffered through a period of depression that triggered him to explore the concept of life after death.


Where Our Journeys Collide

In the fall of 2007, Michael resolved to use his expertise in filmmaking to search out experts that could provide answers for his first documentary exploring life after death. He reached out to local hypnotherapists, people who could astral project, quantum physics experts and healers. After a year of gathering experts and catching up on his solo film projects, it was at this point he came across the name April Hannah. 

April owned and operated her own private holistic healing and counseling practice, and agreed to be interviewed for the project. Bringing her expertise and connections to the film, it was clear this was going to be a powerful partnership beyond the interview. April came on as a producer on the film series, the pair started gaining momentum for their eye-opening project, and Path 11 Productions was born.