037 Lucid Dreaming & Vegan Nutrition with Ladrhyn Bexx

Ladrhyn Bexx, Healer - Facilitator and Venue manager of Parsonage Side Retreat, Somerset, UK, Ladrhyn has been exploring consciousness for well over a decade. 
He has trained in many spiritual areas, but a few of which catches his eyes. 
These are intuition - vegan nutrition - Lucid dreaming
As well as being a psychic, and an ex spiritual reader, his path now is to guide people to find their own experiences just like he did/does. With the use of intuition and exploring the dream state. With his help of his spiritual companion Obi, his lucid dreaming pooch.. he regularly has experiences beyond the physical. 
Ladrhyn enjoys talks from all avenues of consciousness exploration, new world knowledge and ancient worlds. 



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