Ep 12 - Nancy McMoneagle

Nancy McMoneagle is our guest this week. We talk about growing up with Robert Monroe, returning to the Monroe Institute almost 20 year later and even a little Astrology.

Nancy McMoneagle is the Executive Director and President of  The Monroe Institute (TMI), an internationally renowned non-profit organization dedicated to consciousness research and education.   Nancy assisted in building the foundations of TMI with her step-father,  Robert Monroe, author of  three books on out of body experiences, including the now classic, Journeys out of the Body.  After helping to design, develop, and conduct programs using Monroe's Hemi-Sync® audio technology to help encourage expanded states of consciousness—still offered by TMI today--Nancy later served as TMI's Director and President from 1983 - 1991.  She then left the organization to work in the publishing industry, and after that provided astrological services out of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, a company she co-owns and operates with her husband of remote viewing fame, Joseph McMoneagle.  Nancy returned to TMI in the latter part of 2013 to assume her leadership role as its President and Executive Director, once again steering TMI in its mission of research and education furthering the experience and exploration of consciousness, expanded awareness and discovery of self.

The Monroe Institute's phone number (886) 881-3440 

The Monroe Institute's Website: https://www.monroeinstitute.org

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