Ep 16 - John Stewart & Maggie Shetz

John Stewart and Maggie Shetz approach intuition from a scientific perspective and enjoy working as a team. In 2010 they founded Intuitive Consultants to provide professional remote viewing services and more to individuals and business around the world. They are without doubt seekers of knowledge, perpetual students and explorers of the unknown. They are motivated by a love for learning and together have a deep interest in human consciousness. John and Maggie especially enjoy assisting people to make positive changes in their lives through Controlled Remote Viewing, Hypnotherapy and Psychic counseling.

 Maggie and John have been interviewed by several National talk radio programs and their successful work has appeared in news print and magazine articles.

In this interview John and Maggie share some of their CRV success stories that have reunited families with lost beloved pets and more.

http://www.intuitiveconsultants.net - John and Maggie's Website

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