043 Healing Others through Ascension with Christopher L Melchizidek

After practicing medicine for 9 years, an accident rendered Christopher 100% disabled with a painfully crippling disease deemed incurable.  After two years of suffering he found himself at rock bottom contemplating suicide. Unable to do so, Christopher completely surrendered my life to God. To make a long story short, he discovered that he was blessed with an ability to sense and see energy. Christopher was approached by an ominous celestial being that called himself Melchizedek, Gods highest priest.  He taught him how to manipulate his own energy in order to heal himself to a state of existence beyond imagination. Now he heal others which starts by removing dark energy (aka demons) from people (exorcisms), elevating them to a higher state of existence. This is only part of the amazing story.

You can find Christopher's book at http://amzn.to/1S4yCOn

Or visit his website at http://www.templeofascension.org


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