069 Chakras, Archetypes and Homeopathy with Ambika Wauters

Ambika comes from San Diego , Ca but lived for 28 years in the UK, Spain and Africa. She has travelled extensively, visiting India twice, north Africa, Turkey, Greece , Egypt , Italy and the northern countries. She learned that people can be happy with little and encourages people to find their gratitude for freedom, peace, and love. 

Ambika trained in homeopathy at the School of Homeopathic Medicine in Britain. She holds a BA from UCLA in history, an MFA from the Royal College of Art in London and a Diploma in Homeopathy. She is a former member of the Society of Homeopaths in Britain and the USA. Her first book was published in 1993. 

She has published over 23 books on homeopathy, the chakras and the realm of angels. Her work is eclectic, inspirational and offers insight into simple and wholesome ways to live a good life in a complex world building it from the inside out. 

Ambika lives in Tucson , AZ where she gardens, cooks, paints, teaches  and writes. She is happy , successful and fulfilled living her life's purpose as a healer. You can find out more about Ambika, her books and classes at www.ambikawauters.com and www.lifeenergymedicine.com



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