071 The Triad Mind with Mark Certo

Mark Certo is the creator of The Triad Mind. With over 30 years experience in the recording arts and sciences, he has perfected the art of creating tools for transformation.

Since 1977, his studies in meditation have provided him with insight to the workings of the mind and the nature of consciousness. As a professional musician and composer, he obtained a unique understanding of the power of music to effect consciousness and mood.

As a professional broadcaster and voice talent, he has learned to use his voice effectively to provide guidance and assurance to those who listen to his recordings.

In 1988 he joined the lab team at the Monroe Institute where he received additional training from the Institute’s founder Robert Monroe, in the art of reverse engineering EEG readings into tangible binaural beat matrices to effect consciousness.

During his years at TMI he continued his studies in consciousness from the many disciplines available and produced most of the recorded material in the Institute’s catalog. He has participated as a consultant in various clinical studies, testing the effectiveness of binaural beats to invoke brainwave responses.

He has written several articles on the topics of meditation and transformative states of consciousness. As host of the Gateway Radio program, he has interviewed many noted authors and consciousness researchers including: Dr. Charles Tart (author of Altered States of Consciousness,) Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut and author of The Way of the Explorer), and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross M.D. (author of On Death and Dying).

In addition to the more scientific aspects of consciousness studies, he is also a passionate student of Kabalah, from the Lurianic, Toledano and Western Esoteric traditions. His studies in comparative religion have helped him integrate a more cohesive understanding of the unified themes of most religious practices, giving him a unique perspective and respect for all. Integrating his life long studies, knowledge and experience, his intention is to empower people through The Triad Mind. Creating a shift in awareness which will help lead to a more peaceful evolution for humanity.

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