077 The Entrepreneurs Journey with Andy Brine

Andy Brine is the Founder and Director of The Entrepreneurs Journey. He provides mentoring and coaching to guide people on their path and journey. Showing you how you can live a life of purpose and passion, and ultimately follow your bliss. He does this by using the structure and philosophy of The Hero’s Journey whilst integrating strategies from Professional Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and other transformational tools techniques from personal development, psychology and energy work.

Andy works with Coaches, Therapists, Consultant and Change Makers to help the make more of an impact in the world by connecting with their personal Hero’s Journey story. Along with the coaching and mentoring, Andy also helps personal brands write empowering business stories. A story that will allow people to truly connect with themselves and their brand, Andy uses the structure of The Hero’s Journey to build an influential and natural business story





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