091 Awakening to the Power Within with David Pond

David Pond, has been a practicing professional astrologer for over 35 years and has continually seen its tremendous value for helping people find their way in life.     

David first found astrology when he was a young man, thinking he was on his way to a career as a school teacher. David was 20 at the time with a young family and doing his best to fit into the world he saw in front of himself, even though he was as confused inwardly as most are at that age. His sister Lucy introduced him to astrology, opening up a whole new way of looking at himself by giving him a map to not just fit in with what he saw in the world in front of him, but more importantly, a map to his most natural way of being within himself. That lit a fire that has been burning ever since. Astrology is still the most profound tool for self discovery that he knows of.

     It is still his greatest thrill as an astrologer to see his clients as they hear of their most natural way of being, settle into the acceptance of "It is OK to be who I am."

     David has maintained a life long interest in metaphysical topics and went on to get a Master of Science Degree in "Experimental Metaphysics" from Central Wahington University in their Individualized Studies program. 




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