190 The Sage Method, An Intuitive Training Method with Beau Maxwell

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Isabeau Maxwell, aka Beau, has taught hundreds of students how to open up to their own unique intuition. And she has enjoyed every moment of it!

Her teaching style has been described as warm, honest, challenging, humorous, and passionate. While she is knowledgeable beyond her years, she is also welcoming and down-to-earth.
People fortunate enough to have learned from her have blossomed into the amazing intuitive professionals they were destined to be.

"For years now, I have been teaching students to open and expand their intuition. I have been blessed to witness massive amounts of growth in individuals. One of the most exciting parts of teaching is seeing, first hand, what a person is truly capable of. Even beginners to intuition shock themselves with what they can do when they apply the tools. Over the years, it has touched my heart to see the bliss on the faces of so many students when they discover their true paths." -Isabeau Maxwell, SAGE Founder