201 Earth Medicine and Animal Magic with Sonja Grace

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Sonja Grace is an award-winning author as well as an internationally-known mystic and healer with over thirty years of experience. Her work offers immediate stability, clarity, and guidance to clients around the world, helping people who are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sonja’s ancestral background includes a fascinating blend of Native American Choctaw, Cherokee, and Norwegian. She has been adopted by the Hopi Tribe of Arizona, where she is considered a medicine woman.Sonja is an energy surgeon who performs all levels of healing, including restructuring tissue, repairing organs, emotional processing, clearing karma—even communicating with the dead. Although Sonja’s works with clients remotely over the phone, she is a spirit traveler with gifts that span the globe.

Sonja is the author of five books, her most recent Dancing with Raven and BearA Book of EarthMedicine and Animal Magic from Findhorn Press/Inner Traditions. Sonja has appeared on GAIA TV’s “Great Minds and Ancient Civilizations” as well as “Beyond Belief” with George Noory. She has also been featured on Coast to Coast AM, the 10th most listened to radio program in the U.S. by weekly listeners.

Sonja currently lives in Arizona.