Preview Episode - Food for Thought - Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

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In this Food for Thought Friday, April shares the process she has made since taking Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course with her friend Bill Reid.

Hanshi William J. Reid, Founder, President, and Chief Instructor at US Budokai Karate Association. He is a 9th Degree Black Belt with more than 45 years’ experience in the martial arts. He founded US Budokai Karate Association in 1987 with a desire to honor the traditions of the martial way and to enrich the lives of those who undertake the path of Budo. There are currently Budokai Karate schools in the Capital Region and Wisconsin.

He teaches Zen and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and has been engaged in a personal mediation practice for more than 38 years.  Additionally,  he was a Home School Coordinator at the Albany City Schools for 19 years; and retired in 2014. Bill also proudly served in the US Marine Corps and am a Vietnam Veteran; 1968-69.

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