225 Surviving a Kidnapping and Two Near Death Experiences during the Rhodesian War with Robin Aisha Landsong

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Robin Aisha Landsong is a Transformational Speaker, Visual Artist, Medicine Singer and Medical/ Health Intuitive. She had two Near Death Experiences during the Rhodesian War in 1977 when she was eight years old. When she was called back to life by the Medicine Song of a rural Zimbabwean woman, it opened her intuition and her own Medicine Songs. She has had the privilege to give Singing Medicine to over 14,000 people.

Her specialty areas as Shamanic Craniosacral Therapist are trauma resolution, understanding illness, and healing injury. She sees inside each person their gifts and strengths as well as underlying cause of their physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. She helps people restore the natural rhythms in their body for their greatest health. Robin loves to help people integrate their own Near Death Experiences. Through workshops and individual sessions, she has helped thousands of people regain their sense of wholeness, creativity, intuition, embodiment, self confidence, and mindfulness in the present moment.